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No. 4764: Standard Unit of Stupidity

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Standard Unit of Stupidity

First | Previous | 2022-06-04 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=4764

Strip by: Lubaf

{Garfield 1 looks up in joy}
Jon 1: Lasagna, Garfield!
{Garfield 2 dashes at Jon}
Jon 2 {to Garfield 3}: I waxed the table today
Garfield 3: When my bones knit, you're a dead man

The author writes:

I have long struggled to find a reference unit of stupidity in the field of ideas for SRoMG strips. I think I may have come up with a good candidate for the position here. The unit I will call "Quayles", for no adequately explained reason most definitely not related to Sid Meier's Civilization in any way. (I hasten to add, I'm open to alternate suggestions for naming such a unit, aside from "Odies", which, while deprecated, are still being used to measure Dog stupidity, or "Lubafs", which I believe are better used as a unit for measuring dumb Internet aliases.)

It should be added that the Quayle is intended as a measure of stupidity in the concept of the strip, rather than any flaws in the execution.

Whether this unit can be readily converted to iToons is a question I leave up to the reader.

For reference, here are a selection of ten of my own strips, measured against this Reference Quayle, in chronological order:

Strip #Strip Title# of Quayles
627Garfield Minus Any Kind of Artistic Talent0.1 Quayles
1353Donut Wars, Continued2.7 Quayles
1312Dumbfield instead of Darkfield1.7 Quayles
1425Garfield Minus Enthusiasm0.5 Quayles
1764Baby It's Cold Inside3.4 Quayles
1773Is Everything Better With Monkeys?1.8 Quayles
1833Novocaine1.1 Quayles
1966In Character Garfield0.2 Quayles
2197Marshmallow Bomb1.3 Quayles
2930Disgustingly Logical Garfield0.7 Quayles

Original strip: 1981-08-02.