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No. 4284: You're bound to be afraid

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You're bound to be afraid

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Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=4284

Strip by: Sloublues

Jon: Garfield has a bad habit of
{Garfield pops into the extreme foreground, beaming}
Garfield: The world is burning. RUN.
Jon: interrupting me

The author writes:

See also SRoMG #83.

The hardest line to write for Five-Minute Garfield, which presumably is already published or else I just spoiled something, was the punchline for Garfield's little Halloween adventure. I wanted to address the above xkcd. I wanted to highlight that something not Dadaist, but certainly artistic and far outside Garfield's usual line of commercial appeal, had already been done.

So Jon was originally going to say something like "Eat your heart out, Randall Munroe." But I couldn't come up with any line that quite felt right to me, and ended up instead commenting on the Internet articles and posts that pop up occasionally where someone freaks out about the week of Garfield's abandonment.

Garfield is an easy target these days, justly so, with as bland and repetitive as it's gotten. But I like to remember the '80s, when maybe the same basic jokes about laziness and bad temper were often still being told, but there were also lots of crazy people and window blinds and storylines and occasionally Garfield being genuinely nice to Jon. So this author's note maybe represents me being thwarted in my first defense of that era, and channelling it into this commentary.

Original xkcd: 2006-03-20.

Original strip: 1995-02-16.