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No. 4063: Colourist is being a bit lazy

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Colourist is being a bit lazy

First | Previous | 2020-07-03 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=4063

Strip by: Destructible Watermelon

Garfield: Hmmm...
Garfield: I saw Jon hide a box of cat treats in here
{Garfield removes some stuff from a cupboard}
Garfield: What a pack rat! how much stuff is down here?
{removing more stuff}
Garfield: He should know better than to hide anything from me
{removing more stuff}
Garfield: I'm a cat... supreme cunning and unparalleled resolve, and...
{removing more stuff}
Garfield: wait...
{there is now a pile of stuff, all dully coloured grey}
Garfield: We need to fire the colourist

The author writes:

The colourist has made mess ups multiple times; sometimes we've fixed them and displayed them on SRoMG*. However, in this comic, it was just annoying laziness rather than comic ruining. It's definitely disappointing that Jim actually put effort into making this comic visually interesting, before the colourist just decided to make everything chrome...

[*Interestingly, for all four of these SRoMGs, the strips.garfield.com versions of the images are correctly coloured, though the incorrect images.ucomics.com versions are still visible. Ed]

Original strip: 2011-06-12.