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No. 1300: Falling Garfield Fixed

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Falling Garfield Fixed

First | Previous | 2012-12-09 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1300

Strip by: Jacek "Korodzik" Dobrzyniecki

Garfield: Help! I'm falling!
Garfield: Just kidding.
Garfield: It's an overhead shot.

The author writes:

I've re-read the original 1994-01-03 strip a few times, trying to comprehend what in the world was going on, until I understood: the colourist screwed up! Both parts of the background (whatever these ambiguous rectangles are supposed to be - table and floor? floor and wall?) abruptly switch colours in the last panel, thus making it look (depending on what you think the background is) like Garfield either is suddenly standing on a wall in sheer defiance of gravity, or has suddenly teleported to the floor.

Here it is, then: the fixed version. However, it should be noted that Garfield suddenly casting a shadow in panel three, when there was none in panels one and two, looks rather messy. It would have been better if the viewpoint changed to show Garfield from the side, lying on the mysterious surface... except the colourist would probably screw up that, too.

[[Original strip: 1994-01-03.]]

Original strip: 1994-01-03.