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No. 3943: Arbuckle Haze

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Arbuckle Haze

First | Previous | 2020-03-05 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3943

Strip by: Nyperold

{Jon dejectedly enters his home, accompanied by Garfield. He's wearing one of his more normal date outfits, the wildest aspect being the light-blue-and-bright-green diagonally-striped necktie}
Jon: I can't believe it! I'm so embarrassed!
{He sits in the chair, his head in his hands. Garfield stands by}
Jon: I can't believe I blew a chance to give Liz a good-night kiss!
{Jon puts his head between his knees and his hand on the back of his head}
Jon: I can't believe I kissed the sky!
{Garfield leans on the arm of the chair and looks reproachfully at him}
Garfield: You're supposed to kiss her and close your eyes, not close your eyes and kiss her, you dip!

The author writes:

For shame, he didn't even excuse himself to do so first. Well, whatever it Liz, that girl put a spell on him. (But he didn't turn into a slug, oddly.)

Original strip: 1989-07-01.