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No. 3729: NESfield Revisited

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NESfield Revisited

First | Previous | 2019-08-04 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3729

Strip by: SonicLover

{Garfield picks up a pair of glasses from the ground; Odie is standing nearby}
Garfield: I wonder whose glasses these are
{As Garfield puts the glasses on, the entire scene turns 8-bit}
{The scene returns to normal as Garfield discards the glasses}
Garfield: Shigeru Miyamoto's

The author writes:

Inspired by #3577. Gotta get on this bandwagon before it runs off the road.

Garfield and Odie taken from #21 and edited (combining two Odie sprites and tweaking one Garfield sprite so they’d have the right expressions); sun taken from Super Mario Bros. 3; background pixel-drawn from scratch. I did the whole thing at 1/4 size so I could be sure the sprites would line up properly.

Original strip: 1983-03-03.