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No. 3728: Orange-Yellow Colorblindness

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Orange-Yellow Colorblindness

First | Previous | 2019-08-03 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3728

Strip by: Nyperold

{Garfield chews the nails on an obviously yellow paw}
Jon: It's not good to chew your nails, Garfield
Garfield: Are you blind?
{Garfield pulls on Odie's foreleg, revealing the rest of Odie. Who should have been visible from Jon's perspective anyway}
Garfield: I'm chewing on Odie's

The author writes:

The original comic was better published in black-and-white, I'm sure, where it wasn't blindingly obvious that that's Odie's paw. If you didn't have it memorized that Odie is yellow and Garfield is orange, and had a newspaper that only printed in color on Sundays, you wouldn't realize Jon should have known, even if you remembered seeing Odie in a Sunday comic back in September. And it'd be another 11 days after this strip's original comic before he'd show up in another Sunday comic.

But now you see them colorized, and, well...

Original strip: 1982-12-29.