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No. 324: Garfield Epic #3

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Garfield Epic #3

First | Previous | 2010-04-08 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=324

Strip by: DanielBT

Garfield: I guess I'm going to find out.
{Jon sits in his armchair}
Jon: Oh yeah... That's quiet.
Jon: Ha-ha, guys. The joke's over. Now come back here!
Garfield: So out-on-my-ownish.
SFX: munch, munch, munch {Odie eats a garbage can}
TV: It's 10:00, do you know where your children are?
Garfield: Okay, okay... us against the world.
Garfield: If I weren't staring at this special for ground beef at Ed's market.
Garfield: If I can find my way out of this newspaper.
Garfield: Now to wait for the doughnut man.
{Jon grabs a huge angry dog from a bush}
Girl: He's just stupid.
Girl: Would you like to give dolly a kiss, doggie?
Girl: Good night, doggie.
Girl: Now let's pretend...
Odie: Sniff.
Girl: Good night, little doggie. You sure do love it here, don't you?
Garfield: Bingo!
Garfield: I think I'll be a trapeze artist or a lion tamer.
Binky: When I honk my nose, people snap to attention.
Garfield: He's full bore looney all right.
SFX: WHAP! {Garfield whacks Binky}
Garfield: It's all in the wrist.
Binky: From my assistant, Dummy the Clown!
Garfield: He looks vaguely familiar.
Garfield: Hey! We ran away from home to run away from the circus!
Garfield: There are some good hearted people in this old world. {entering pet shop}
Cat 2: You were lured in here with food. Now you're trapped. There's nothing to do here but eat and sleep.
Cat 2: Oh, it has its drawbacks, believe me.
Garfield: Name one.
Deliverer: Here's the shipment of mice, Mrs Ernsberger. Where do you want them?
Jon: I'll give you 20.
Garfield: You're going to regret that one, Jon.
Garfield: Forget it I'd rather not know.

The author writes:

I condensed one of the longest 4-week Garfield stories into three separate comics. The third is made up of the panels that weren't used for the first two.

Original strips: 1986-08-25, 1986-08-26, 1986-08-27, 1986-08-28, 1986-08-29, 1986-08-30, 1986-09-01, 1986-09-02, 1986-09-03, 1986-09-04, 1986-09-05, 1986-09-06, 1986-09-08, 1986-09-09, 1986-09-10, 1986-09-11, 1986-09-12, 1986-09-13, 1986-09-15, 1986-09-16, 1986-09-17, 1986-09-18, 1986-09-19, 1986-09-20, 1986-09-22, 1986-09-23, 1986-09-24, 1986-09-25, 1986-09-26, 1986-09-27.