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No. 323: Accidental Garfield

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Accidental Garfield

First | Previous | 2010-04-07 | Next | Latest

Strip by: qvaak

Jon: There's an article here about cats
SFX: snatch {Garfield grabs the magazine from Jon's hands}
Garfield: Bless you, Jon. {lying in Jon's lap}

The author writes:

Imagine, if you must, reminisce, if you can. You are making a Garfield mash-up. You have an idea and you hunt through the strips looking for a right word balloon, right arrangement of characters or right expression. You cut and paste the needed elements together. Half way through you pause to take a cup of tea, maybe just to sneeze, maybe to relieve your bladder. You turn back to work and there before your eyes is a mash-up you have not meant to make, have never consciously seen. Such an immaculate born thing is a wonder to behold. It might be a bit like a random generated mash-up, but still different. It certainly is something no-one would ever intend to make.

The strip above is of course such a comic. I had hardly even read the first two panels - I only needed the last one, but saw no need to cut the two off just yet. The thing truly felt like a comic right out of the blue, when I turned my gaze back to the screen. I'm not saying this is the best example of an accidental mash-up. Mostly the things have a much more half-finished look on them, if you present them as they were. I've meant to offer a strip like this for some time and actually had a lot rougher candidate I lost changing a computer. Now I got this, though, and it has to do. It's a true thing. No post-production.

Based on strips: 1993-10-29, 1989-11-02.

Original strips: 1989-11-02, 1993-10-29.