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No. 3234: Look Back in Languor 2: Look Back-er

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Look Back in Languor 2: Look Back-er

First | Previous | 2018-03-27 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3234

Strip by: Negative N, Colin, Crazy56U, PartyEscortBotBeans, Redgreen

{Garfield is in his bed, hands behind his head, looking up at the ceiling, looking quite fed}
Garfield: Sometimes I can't sleep.
{then, to the combined best efforts of the strip's author/transcript narrator and MS Paint, Garfield proceeds to flashback...}
{...to Garfield being kept awake by the night noises in the 1992-11-08 Garfield strip}
Garfield {in voiceover}: I think it was November 8, 1992.

The author writes:

I wanted to make this longer, using the Sunday strip's buildup to the punchline, but I decided to cut to the chase.

Also, as an aside, you have got to be kidding me, Jim did it again?!

[[Original strips: 2017-02-09, 1992-11-08.

[A number of contributors spotted this and sent in submissions. The above image, title, transcript, and author's note are from Crazy56U, but there were also submissions from Colin:

There was no wooshing sound; this joke hit me in the head, and I was fact-checking as soon as Garfield mentioned that date. Sure enough, ol' Jim Davis got it right. I'm sure he was having a hoot with this idea, but the rest of us are ticked that we're going down the creek toward "Garfield in 2053".


...Negative N:

That seemed like such an arbitrary date to recall, so I checked the strip and to my surprise, I found an actual strip where Garfield had trouble sleeping. Nice continuity nod! Though, I'd say he picked the wrong strip to reference.


Man, does Jim Davis wanna add more Continuity Nods to Garfield or what?!

...and PartyEscortBotBeans:

When I saw this strip, I immediately checked the archive to see what that strip was about. I wasn't expecting it to be a real call-back.

Sorry about the kind of lazy submission, but I felt I had to send this.

Phew! -Ed]]]

Original strips: 1991-08-11, 1992-11-08, 2017-02-09.