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No. 1892: Whistle-blower

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First | Previous | 2014-07-24 | Next | Latest

Strip by: Edwin Chee

{Garfield found a whistle, with Odie facing away behind him, minding his own business}
Garfield: Hmmm a whistle.
{Garfield blows the whistle}
{Both Garfield and Odie are startled by the seemingly silent sound}
Jon: {to Lyman} Looks like Garfield found your dog whistle.

The author writes:

This strip got me into researching the cat's hearing range, and I found out that they have a higher hearing range than a dog's, meaning that if a dog whistle is blown, cats can hear it too (the extra range helps with detecting prey), even though they don't necessarily follow it. Because of this, I edited the strip to be more accurate to this fact.

[[Original strips: 1979-04-25, 1979-02-09.]]

Original strips: 1979-02-09, 1979-04-25.