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No. 1767: Garfield's Color Theater

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Garfield's Color Theater

First | Previous | 2014-03-21 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1767

Strip by: NES Boy

Garfield: Welcome to "Garfield's Color Theater".
{Garfield and the background change color saturation}
Garfield: You have been watching "Garfield's Color Theater".

The author writes:

For a long while, the Garfield strips are sourced from the URL of "images.ucomics.com/comics/ga/YYYY/gaYYMMDD.gif". As you go through the archive, however, you'll notice the colors of the strip become less saturated starting from 2006-02-25. Also, the Sunday comics inexplicably switched over to the (lower quality) JPEG file format from 2010-11-21 onwards.

Fortunately, the same strips are archived at Garfield's Art Gallery, and there, they do not suffer from loss of saturation, and the Sunday strips are always in the Graphics Interchange Format. Plus, the black and white versions can be found there as well. The colored strips can be found with the URL of "www.garfieldcollectibles.com/cstrips/YYYYc/stripYYYY-MM-DDc.gif", while the black and white variants are over at the URL of "www.garfieldcollectibles.com/bwstrips/YYYY/stripYYYY-MM-DD.gif".

EDIT: The Garfield's Art Gallery site no longer hosts the images, but the colour shifted versions can be seen (at double size) at http://strips.garfield.com/iimages1200/YYYY/gaYYMMDD.gif

[[Original strip: 2006-10-28, 2006-10-28 (version 2).]]

Original strips: 2006-02-25, 2006-10-28, 2010-11-21.