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No. 1299: Accidental Garfield?

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Accidental Garfield?

First | Previous | 2012-12-08 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1299

Strip by: Cody

{A mixed up strip graphic, with the scan lines seriously distorted or something.}

The author writes:

Admin note: While going through the old backlog of submissions looking for interesting strips to add to the publication queue, I stumbled across a JPEG file that was attached to another submission. There was no explanation for this additional file in the e-mail - the mail text was all about the other image file attached to it. So I opened the mysterious attachment and found this. It looks just enough like a distorted Garfield strip that I presume that's what it must be. It resembles this author's only other submission, #1058. If anyone can unwrap the distortion to figure out the original strip, let me know! I had a quick go myself, but didn't spend too long on it, and I suspect this is not the same original strip as #1058 - though I may be wrong...

Post-publication author notes: I think what had happened was, when I sent #1058 in for approval I had picked a different strip to distort (which was done exactly the same as I did the other). In which I saved it in Paint, opened it in Wordpad (showing the image's code), saved it, and opened it up in Paint (which showed a distorted version of the strip). As a matter of fact, now that the original strip has been identified, I tested it out using that method and the result gave me an exact copy of today's strip. Apparently, I had backed out on using 1994-02-07 and instead used the strip #452 was based on (1990-07-05) as the basis instead. Anyway, apparently when I sent the strip in I had accidentally sent in both instead of just the one. Which is unusual, mainly because whenever I create a strip and I don't like it too well or have a better idea in mind I delete it (quite a few have been lost over time because of that). I guess that didn't happen this time.

[[Original strip: Now identified! 1994-02-07.]]

Original strip: 1994-02-07.