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No. 1162: Garfield Retold Retold Retold

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Garfield Retold Retold Retold

First | Previous | 2012-07-24 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1162

Strip by: Nottoostupid

So, there's this thing. It's a really popular thing, you probably know about it, right? It's the internet. The internet, right? So, on the internet, people type words. You know, words. Like letters and stuff. Right.
So there was a guy on the internet... well, not literally on the actual thing. He posted a thing on the internet, is what I'm saying. This thing with words on it. It was about pictures. No, wait, it wasn't about pictures. It was about, what are they called, comics.
So this guy was asking a question. He asked if you, well, not you in particular, just sort of people in general, you know that thing where someone says you but they mean people in general. Right. Where was I? Oh yeah. He asked if people in general were familiar with comics.
Now, apparently, comics are like words, but they also have pictures. And so this guy had said they told a joke. I don't know if they talk or what, but whatever. So he was talking about this thing which was insightful. I'm not really sure what that had to do with this comic, but whatever.
So then he was talking, or rather writing, I mean, he had written, that there was this webcomic thing. So apparently a webcomic is a comic on the internet. And this guy had been reading this webcomic, and it wasn't really a comic because it was it didn't have pictures or something. But it was cool.
Then he says that there was a pattern. Like a sewing pattern, I guess. And the guy says that it was kind of diagonal-ish and something about time passing even though it wasn't really. He also says this is cool.
So he describes this other guy who describes this comic. And so the guy was describing a comic and he wasn't doing it very well. The guy who wrote this page wasn't writing really clearly. It seems that he was confused too.
Then he says that the other guy went back and said things that were out of order. It was kind of funny because he then said something that was out of order too. I guess it was kind of like irony or something.
So then he goes and looks at this website and corrects himself and finds out that something he said earlier was wrong. He had said earlier that there were four paragraphs because the guy had four panels, but there was an extra paragraph or something. This is in a new paragraph. He starts new paragraphs a lot.
Then he describes this comic. In this comic the President has an electrician that gets electrocuted or something.
It all ends up with the guy writing it being very confused. He says he should go ask his neighbour to explain it. Or something.
I need to go lie down.

The author writes:

This is in reply to SRoMG #101, which is a reply to SRoMG #44.

[[Original strip: 2007-09-05.]]

Original strip: 2007-09-05.