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No. 1053: Calvin And Garfield

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Calvin And Garfield

First | Previous | 2012-04-06 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1053

Strip by: Garfunkel

Garfield: Mom's home remedy will have you barking again in no time!
Dog: Really?
Rosalyn: Calvin, do you know what a "rat tail" is?
Calvin: No.
Garfield: First you take a bath towel and soak it with ice-cold hose water... Then—
Rosalyn: It's when you soak a towel and twist it up into a whip. It stings like crazy and is much worse then being cold. Get my drift?
[SFX]: SCHLAPP! {Garfield whips the dog with the towel}
Calvin: I always though lifeguards were just taught how to resuscitate people and things like that.
Garfield: Good 'ol mom.

The author writes:

I was looking at Garfield.nfshost when I saw the 1997-10-05 strip. It reminded me of a classic gag from a Calvin and Hobbes arc when Calvin had to attend swimming lessons taught by Rosalyn, his baby sitter, and the rest followed naturally from there.

Original Garfield: 1997-10-05.

Original Calvin and Hobbes: 1986-07-23.

Original strip: 1997-10-05.