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No. 115: Dime-metrically opposite

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Dime-metrically opposite

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Strip by: Ian Boreham

{A young man in a business suit is walking down the street, whistling.}
young man: Uh-oh!
young man: My old nemesis... The crazy shopping cart guy!
young man: He followed me and hassled me for a quarter for a full three blocks last time.

{A shabby-looking man with a shopping cart, holding a tin cup is waiting at the other side of the zebra crossing, looking determined to beg some money. The young man's eyes glow red in anger.}

young man: I will not submit. This is war!

{The shopping cart guy sees his expression and looks uncertain.}

{The young man strides determinedly marches past the shopping cart guy, who backs away in awe.}

caption: No quarter was asked. And none was given.

The author writes:

Since the joke relied on the colloquial terms for American money, I figured I should also use the term "shopping cart" instead of "shopping trolley".

Drawn in Krita and Inkscape.