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No. 116: Which lexia?

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Which lexia?

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Strip by: Ian Boreham

{A street scene. A magazine advertisement for "Woman Toady" proclaims "NEW! Low-crab diet" and "Sick of your carp job?". Above it, a sign indicates that the shop is a "nestwagen". A "TOOTYA" utility vehicle is stopped in front of the shop (pausing at a "SPOT" sign). Across the road from it is a shop with a neon sign showing a wine glass, with the name "Webinar". The more distant streetscape shows a "Rat and fract" shop, with pictures of pencils and paintbrushes in the window, and next to it, a "Branes & Nobel" bookshop. Its neighbour is a Busway sandwich shop, next to a "wootfear" supplier that stocks Beroke and Kine shoes, and next to that is a WcDonalds.}

caption: How I imagine dyslexics see the world

The author writes:

Of course, I know dyslexia's not really like that, but this way is more fun, isn't it?

If the owner of the vehicle were a wealthy professional, the car probably would have been a dysLexus.

Drawn in Krita and Inkscape.