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Author Information

Billy Hamilton

I describe myself as tall and handsome, with flowing blond hair, deep blue eyes, and an elfin facial structure. On the other hand, one of my brothers has described me as follows: "Billy is short, and he's really really short, and he has a long nose, and upon it there's a bump." So take your pick.

Aside from being a Computer Science/German undergraduate student at university, which takes up far too much of my time, I enjoy programming computer games, writing (decidedly flowery) poetry and prose, singing Barbershop, playing various board and card games, dying horribly in roguelikes, and, of course, drawing pictures in MS Powerpoint. In the few areas of the Internet I can frequent, I use the name "Vivificient," which means "alive," and which I acquired by flipping open the OED to a random page.

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