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No. 389: Like John Before Him...

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Like John Before Him...

First | Previous | 2011-08-24 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=389

Strip by: Billy Hamilton

Samantha: I think you all know why I have called you here.
Ambrose: Time to plan the yearly golf tournament?
Delkin: Or a surprise birthday party for Oliver?
Holly: That's a good idea.
Samantha: It's about that new character, Steve! Anyone else think he looks like trouble?
Ambrose He did look like a bit of an upstart.
Meridien: I didn't like his aura.
Delkin: I didn't like his style.
Holly: I thought he was kind of cute...
Samantha: I think he wants to steal the spotlight from established characters like ourselves!
Ambrose: That's horrible!
Meridien: I have too few strips as it is!
Delkin: I think he's trying to steal our girls, too!
Holly: HEY!
Samantha: Friends, I feel we have only one option.
Delkin: Yes. It must be so.
Ambrose: Aye.
Samantha, Ambrose, Meridien, Delkin: This Steve must die.
Holly: Um... guys?
Holly: Guys?
{Ambrose, Meridien, Delkin, and Samantha form a mob, armed with a pitchfork, a cooking pot, a flaming torch, and a scimitar, respectively}

The author writes:

Uh oh.