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No. 368: Ollosaurus Plans A Response

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Ollosaurus Plans A Response

First | Previous | 2011-06-17 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=368

Strip by: Billy Hamilton

{Two streams of panels in parallel}
{Stream 1:}
Caption: Around now.
Ambrose: Holly, come quickly! I think it's working!
Holly: Your rocket-powered time machine! Why, it's stopped exploding!
Ambrose: Come on, get in! Let's go find out if the dinosaurs really went extinct!
Holly: Don't you mean "how," Professor Ambrose?
Ambrose: Don't assume.
Holly: Professor, aren't you worried it might be—
SFX: BOINK. {Ambrose presses the time machine button}
SFX: BOINK! {Time machine vanishes in a puff of Scientific Progress}
{Stream 2:}
Caption: 65 M.Y.A.
Samantharaptor {a dinosaur resembling a Utahraptor}: Ollosaurus, you're our leader. What are we going to do about this comet?
Ollosaurus {a dinosaur resembling an Allosaurus}: I need to talk to Ambrosaurus for a moment.
Ollosaurus: What can we do about this comet?
Ambrosaurus: We must send someone up there to deflect it back!
Ollosaurus: We have no spacecraft.
Ambrosaurus: Oh. Right. Well then, I guess you'll have to—
SFX: BOINK! {Time machine appears in a puff of Scientific Progress}
SFX: SPLAT! {It crashes on the ground next to Ollosaurus and Ambrosaurus}
Ambrosaurus: {looking at Ambrose and Holly inside the time machine} Ahem.
SFX: CHOMP! {much gnashing of teeth}
Ollosaurus: {looking at the now empty time machine} I have decided we will send someone up to deflect it back.

The author writes:

I wonder what Samantharaptor's earrings are attached to.

This has been taking longer to draw than I expected it to, but I'm having a lot of fun drawing it. Except for the feet. There is a reason I eventually gave them both big rubber boots. Ambrose's lab is probably full of electrical hazards anyway, right?