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No. 361: Merisaurolophus Sees Disaster

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Merisaurolophus Sees Disaster

First | Previous | 2011-06-01 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=361

Strip by: Billy Hamilton

Caption: About 65 MYA...
Merisaurolophus {a dinosaur resembling a Parasaurolophus}: Not good... no, not good at all...
Merisaurolophus: I see disaster in the stars!
Delkiosaurus {a dinosaur resembling a Brachiosaurus}: That's just superstition.
Merisaurolophus: But...
Ankhollysaurus {a dinosaur resembling an Ankylosaurus}: Dinosaurs are supposed to be scientific.
Ambrosaurus {a dinosaur resembling a Triceratops}: Delkiosaurus! Ankhollysaurus! Someone!
Ankhollysaurus: Ambrosaurus! What is it?
Delkiosaurus: Is it your telescope broken again? I didn't step on it this time.
Ambrosaurus: No! There's a comet headed right for us!
Delkiosaurus: Oh no!
Ankhollysaurus: What can we do?
Merisaurolophus: Oh, sure. You listen if he says it.

The author writes:

I realise that Brachiosaurus was extinct before the late Cretaceous. The related Delkiosaurus was not.