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No. 362: Prophecy

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First | Previous | 2011-06-03 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=362

Strip by: Fides

Caption: 324 BCE
Caption: Following the death of Alexander the Great, the high priest of Zeus consulted with the Gods concerning the uncertain future of the Greeks.
Caption: The prophecy that was to come would shape the world as we know it.
Ambrose {prophet}: I see an Agora of great importance. There, alliances will be forged! There, promises will be broken! The flame will run high! The Titans will run rampant! It will be our greatest freedom and our greatest jailer!
Caption: "When will this happen?" cried the assembly. "When will we face this great trial?"
Caption: "Two thousand, two hundred and eighty-one years!" cried The Prophet.
Caption: "That's... unusually specific..." replied the assembly.
Caption: And so, they made ready. They forged an ancient and secret society, passing down the warning:
Caption: in progenies et progenies
Caption: One Day, there would come a time when they would be needed. And they would be ready.
Caption: 1962
Oliver: Good, you're already online. Have you received instructions?
Delkin: Don't worry, I'm already implementing the protocols. This will make sure no one ever uses the internet again!
Caption: 1992
Screen: 14:23 Spero121: No, ur a n00b
Screen: 14:23 Tarnias: Ya mumz a n00b!
Screen: 14:23 Funkz: lol
Screen: 14:23 xxgurlxx: lolololol
Screen: 14:24 Spero121: rotflol!
Screen: 14:24 Funkz: ur so fail
Screen: 14:24 Spero121: no, your fail!
Screen: <enter text>
Oliver: So, that really didn't work, did it?
Delkin: Let us never speak of this again...

The author writes:

Don't read Dan Brown while playing Assassin's Creed. The mind thinks of strange things with so many secret organisations flying around...