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No. 27: Coming Home For Christmas

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Coming Home For Christmas

First | Previous | 2009-01-06 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=27

Strip by: Cayzle

Caption: After Christmas, at the mall.
{Holly, a mother, waits in line with two children to see Santa.}
Holly: Finally! We've been in this line forever!
Girls: Mommy! Mommy! NOW can we see Santa?
Holly: YES! It's our turn!
Holly: Ugh! You're the worst mall santa I've ever seen! Dirty. Bad hair, no boots.
Ambrose (dressed as Santa): But—
Girl: Santa has stinky feet!
Holly: You aren't even wearing pants!
Ambrose: Look, lady. I've been dishing Christmas cheer 24/7 to kid after kid for week after week. With no breaks. None at all. I lost the pants two days ago, and believe me, you're glad I did!
Girls: Ick!
Holly: Don't tell me! When I first got on this line, I wasn't even married! Now we've got twins, and we're expecting our third!
Ambrose: I've got the world's tiniest elf right here. He's making the world's smallest violin. And he'll play it just for you if you go stand over in that line.
Holly: Come on, girls, we're leaving!
Girls: But Mommy! We didn't get to tell Santa what we want for Christmas!
Holly: What's that?
Girls: To be Jewish!

The author writes: