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Cayzle has been running the best darn wemic site on the Net since 1999. He's been blogging about wemics and D&D since 2004, and he's been creating a Web comic - about a wemic who is a character in a D&D game - since 2007.

Comics created: 27 | 58 | 284 | 296 | and 0 strips in the buffer.*

* This does not include strips submitted but yet to be entered into the database. It can take a week or more for strips to be entered into the buffer (or for Square Root of Minus Garfield, two or three months - yes the backlog is that big). Please don't e-mail us to ask why your "buffered strip" number hasn't increased unless a couple of weeks (months for SRoMG) have passed since you sent in a strip. Thanks.