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No. 26: Go Go Lightning-O!

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Go Go Lightning-O!

First | Previous | 2009-01-05 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=26

Strip by: Leon Arnott

[Caption]: Space Empress Meridien has seized the Mighty Manifold Macroguff! The most powerful object in reality, it controls all space and dimensions and is the size of a sultana!
Meridien: Hahaha! It's time to conquer space!
[Caption]: Using its powers, her entire Iron Army is multiplied a thousand thousandfold... an unlimited unstoppable un-vasion force!
Delkin: {leading the Iron Army, in space helmet} So much for me being a precious snowflake.
[Caption]: But, in secret, a kooky professor and two bickering girls who are actually long-lost sisters take command of an experimental prototype created as part of Project H.O.O.T.
[Caption]: Soon, the fate of trillions of galaxies will be lifted from darkness into light. {Samantha and Holly, wearing space suits, head to the bridge}
Professor Ambrose: Blast off into a thousand infinities!
[Caption]: Our only hope is...
[Caption]: Superhuman Supersized Super Syborg LIGHTNING-O!! {a giant cybernetic owl!}
Samantha: Why does it have a moustache?!
Professor Ambrose: It's the only thing holding the beak on!

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