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No. 130: Eat Backwards You Owls

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Eat Backwards You Owls

First | Previous | 2009-08-12 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=130

Strip by: David Birch, Matt Albrecht, Dliessmgg, Taneb, Jive Swede

Oliver: {on a TV monitor} ... Not only that, but the splattered luggage is floating outside!
Ambrose: {to Holly} Holly! Your "Invisible Parrot" has eaten all my Anti-Gravity Space-Crackers!
Holly: That explains where those crackers went, but where's my science project?
Ambrose: I really fancied some unusual dairy spread.
Ambrose: And that's why this butter is made of moose!

The author writes:

This strip's concept is a slight variation of "Eat Poop You Owls":

  1. I collect five volunteers, myself included, to draw the strip.
  2. I draw the last panel, and email it to one of the volunteers.
  3. That volunteer emails me the second last panel, which I send to the third volunteer.
  4. Repeat to produce a five panel strip; each panel has been drawn only seeing the following panel.
  5. I collate the five panels clean up the image and post on the boards for everyone to see.
The panels were made by (in reading direction): Groboclown, David Birch, Jive Swede, Taneb, Dliessmgg.

Oh, and Moosebutter.