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No. 101: Eat Poop You Owls

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Eat Poop You Owls

First | Previous | 2009-05-13 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=101

Strip by: David Birch, Dliessmgg, Taneb, Robyn, Jive Swede

SFX: SLAM! {Meridien appears, where Holly, Delkin, and Samantha are standing}
Holly: Oh my God! Meri! What happened to you?
Meridien: You better watch out! There is evildoers about!
Delkin: What's up with the rhyme?
Ambrose: I am the evil guy, magnificent bastard at least, and with the teeth of spencer, I summon you, fowl beast!
Meridien: How could you?
Holly: Stop him!
Delkin: Not the chicken summoning!
Samantha: Noooooooooo!!
Ambrose: No .. wait! You misunderstand!
Delkin: What's to misunderstand?
Ambrose: Not summoning; Transmuting!
{Oliver appears as a chicken}

The author writes:

This comic was an experimental game played between five of the authors, produced in a modified format of the game Eat Poop You Cat.

This comic was produced one panel at a time by a series of players. Each player drew their panel with only the knowledge of which number it was, and what the previous panel looked like. The authors were, in order:

David Birch Taneb Dliessmgg Robyn Jive Swede

All in all, it turned out about as coherent as I expected.

David Birch's original forum post: So, I'm assuming some of you might have heard of the game Eat Poop You Cat - if not, have a quick read of the concept. It is my very favourite party game, and tends to produce wacked out zany stuff.

Having seen this, I propose that a special investigative team be set up to experiment on the possibilities of producing a webcomic strip using similar methods. Likelihood is the prospect will fail miserably, but I'm willing to give it a go (or a few goes) to see what we come up with. Here's how it works:

  1. I collect five volunteers, myself included, to draw the strip.
  2. I draw an initial panel, and email it to one of the volunteers.
  3. That volunteer emails me the second panel, which I send to the third volunteer.
  4. Repeat to produce a five panel strip, each panel has been drawn only seeing the previous panel.
  5. I collate the five panels clean up the image and post on the boards for everyone to see.