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No. 642: Food Swell

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Food Swell

First | Previous | 2022-10-18 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=642

Strip by:

(Several strings of text in the wingdings font)
"My designation: food swell"

The author writes:

NM Food Swell was created somewhere in a laboratory in SITE-4. It was originally a dish of spaghetti and it was fused with wastewater from Lake Erie. It should not be approached if seen.

NM Food Swell Genetic Matter - A sample of its genetic matter. The meat contains tiger DNA and very small traces of human DNA. The tomato sauce is very clearly made from wild tomatoes, not farmed ones. The noodles are made from human hair.

NM Food Swell has been found on store shelves on numerous occasions. It has been bought multiple times, but every time the shopper dies in a horrific accident that kills another person as well. It always returns to a random store following the accident. There has only been one store it has visited multiple times. It emits poisonous fumes, that when collected contained traces of Arsenic.

Original Calvin and Hobbes strip: 1992-05-22.