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No. 491: Hastily Edited

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Hastily Edited

First | Previous | 2021-05-01 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=491

Strip by: Conor

Header: And now, a very special
Devahi {lying down on her bed}: Whew! I feel completely wiped.
Dev: How am I going to make a new edit in time for tomorrow?
Jess Star {entering through a doorway}: Don't worry, Dev! We can construct a new comic by cleverly tweaking existing assets!
Dev {now sitting up in a chair, dressed in a different outfit}: Really?
Dev {in another outfit and looking over a railing with Jess, who is not only in a new outfit but sporting a new hair colour}: I don't know... Don't you think people will notice the pictures don't quite go together?
Jess {underwater and shapeshifted into a fish}: Oh yeah. Of course they will! But that's part of the charm!
Dev {also underwater in a swimsuit}: Ha ha! Good one, Jess!

The author writes:

When I saw the current Sam and Fuzzy it occurred to me that Sam Logan had basically done an iToons treatment of his own comic. (With dialogue that makes for an uncomfortably on-the-nose description of some of my own edits...) So, naturally I had to make a slapdash edit of my own to lampshade it.

Original Sam and Fuzzy strip: "Hastily Assembled" 2021-04-28