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No. 418: Spinal Cord Futures

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Spinal Cord Futures

First | Previous | 2020-07-16 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=418

Strip by: KelpTheGreat

{The strip consists of two panels which are oriented so that the art is vertical, while the panels themselves are at odd angles}
Edda: At Nicolette Cignet, they told me to look sexy... so I posed like this.
{Edd does a fairly normal-looking pose}
Amos: Mission accomplished. You're making my scalp sweat.
Edda: But they said no, that I need to pose like this... would you call this sexy?
{Edda does a pose which twists her body unnaturally}
Amos: I'd say you bypassed sexy and are now defying the laws of gravity.
Amos: And, by the way, did you have any future plans for your spinal cord?

The author writes:

I don't read 9 Chickweed Lane. Like, at all. The only reason this remix exists is because I was going through the iToons archive, and saw Sloublues had used a panel from one strip in one of their remixes. I got curious, so clicked the link to that original, and then clicked to the next day's strip, to see if there was any context to the low-effort one (there is). But wow, is that original hard to read! What kind of comic strip uses angles like that?! So I fixed it, using the larger canvas allowed by the webcomic format, while noting the irony of a strip which mentions spinal cord injuries that makes you twist your neck unnaturally to read it.

Original 9 Chickweed Lane: 2017-08-09.