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No. 909: Patterns that Repeat

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Patterns that Repeat

First | Previous | 2011-11-14 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=909

Strip by: DanielBT

{Garfield jumps through quilted bedsheets}
Everywhere, I see them there, I stop and stare at patterns.
{Five panels of Garfield staring at a toaster}
{Garfield joyfully swats a spider}
I don't care, I must declare, I got a flair for patterns.
{Mirrored version of smiling Garfield & his name}
{Garfield gleefully swats a spider}
On my hair, the clothes I wear, my savoir faire is patterns.
Jon: Perfect
Garfield: Ah, here it is
Garfield: Venetian drapes
{Garfield sadistically swats a spider}
All I see are patterns, the patterns that repeat!
{Multicoloured Garfield}
{Garfield maliciously swats a spider}
Let's go into the bathroom...
{Jon whistles}
I know we're in a room where you would not expect much math,
{Jon loos surprised to see Garfield in the bathtub}
Usually you're in here for a shower or a bath,
{Garfield pours some yellow liquid into Jon's bathwater}
But if you gaze upon the floor and if you're kind of smart,
Garfield: Hey, Jon, there's a spot on your shirt
Jon: Where?
Garfield: Hey, Odie, your shoelace is untied!
You'll see the repetition is like geometric art!
{Picasso Garfield}
Jon: This painting of you is lacking something, Garfield
Garfield: Yeah, a resemblance
Everywhere, I see them there, I stop and stare at patterns.
{Multiple smiling Garfields}
Jon: Garfield
Garfield: This one's going to be tough
{Garfield sardonically swats a spider}
I don't care, I must declare, I got a flair for patterns.
{Garfield looks uncaring in front of Odie}
{Garfield stamps his name with tabby stripes}
{Garfield swiftly swats a spider}
On my hair, the clothes I wear, my savoir faire is patterns.
Jon: My hair's on fire!
Jon: I couldn't decide which shirt to wear...
Jon: So I put all of them on
{Garfield resolutely swats a spider}
All I see are patterns, the patterns that repeat!
{Jigsaw panels of Garfield}
{Garfield easily swats a spider}
A polka-meister like myself never has to be bored,
Jon: And now, a traditional folk song
Jon: Let's polka!!
Garfield: Now I know what “justifiable homicide” means
I just grab my act and play some patterns on my keyboard.
Jon: Let's polka!
Garfield: I think I'll turn in early
{Garfield walks on a piano}
Now's the time for earplugs if you care about your health,
{Garfield puts on some earmufflers}
So stand back everybody, I'm going to express myself!
{Garfield, Arlene and Odie in a rock band}
{Garfield acting hyper around Jon}
Next time you find yourself at an exciting polka party,
Jon: ...And I have a hundred more pet stories
Garfield: I guess the party's over
You can make some patterns with your feet and with your body,
{Garfield kicks his feet}
{Garfield spirals his body}
Garfield: Or a pirouette
Garfield: The ballet patrons go wild as Garfield pirouettes his way into their hearts!
If you don't know the steps yet, here's the gang with all the answers,
Gwen: I'm Gwen. You're cute.
Jon: Really?
Garfield: God made two of 'em!
Ladies and Gentlemen, introducting the 'Weird Al' Polka Dancers!
Jon: Garfield, I am going to tap dance on the front lawn in my underwear with a balloon animal tied to my head and a pineapple in each hand!
Garfield: Again?
Everywhere, we see them there, we stop and stare at patterns.
{Garfield stares at a fish}
{Garfield and Jon stare at a fish}
{Jon stares at the animals outside his window}
{Jon stares at a blank outline of Garfield}
We don't care, we must declare, we've got a flair for patterns.
{Jon and Garfield on the couch}
Jon: Time passes slowly on a weekend
{Garfield sitting on a floral chair}
{Garfield, in floral print, sitting in a chair with his normal colouration}
On our hair, the clothes we wear, our savoir faire is patterns.
Garfield: Tonight's spaghetti night
Jon: So I'm wearing all of them!
Garfield walks past two party hats.
Odie: I'm going to make this dinner disappear
Jon: All we see are patterns
{Garfield looks shocked}
Garfield: The patterns that repeat!
Wallpaper, skyscrapers, funny papers, patterns!
{Garfield disappears into the background}
Jon: Yaaah!
{Garfield reads an infinite mirror strip}
{Garfield wearily swats a spider}
Evergreens, nouvelle cuisine, human beings, patterns!
Jon: Have you ever seen such splendor?
Garfield: Lovely
Jon: It's coquille saint-jacques garnished with Belgian endive and laced with French truffles
{Human heads shaped into Garfield's name}
{Garfield unenthusiastically swats a spider}
Garden rakes, wedding cakes, rattlesnakes, patterns!
{Jon rakes the lawn}
Garfield: And a cherry on top
Garfield: How are you?
{Garfield misses swatting a spider}
Golden wheat, little feet, my heartbeat...
{Garfield dreams of running across a field of flowers with multiple Arlenes}
{Garfield tracks mud through the house}
Garfield: Yaaaahh!
I gotta stop...
Garfield: I'm exhausted!
Patterns! Patterns! Patterns! Patterns!
Jon: That's a big cup of coffee!
{Garfield kicks Odie}
{Garfield eats lasagna}
{Garfield swats multiple spiders}

The author writes:

Back before Edutainment shows were regulated to the likes of Dora the Explorer, there was the math show Square One with various mathematical tricks to make the subject interesting. There were parodies such as Mathman, Dirk Niblick, Fax Headful and the continuing series of Mathnet (a spoof of Dragnet) spread out through the week. There were also various catchy songs such as Nine Nine Nine and Ghost of a Chance. Patterns was the only Weird Al song I was able to see captioned on TV. Hopefully, this'll inspire others to do their own versions of other songs on the show. Can you just imagine Jon being cast in the song Less Than Zero?

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Also used the remixed strips: Garfield Really minus Garfield, Garfloraled, Why so Serious?.]]

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