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No. 884: Dewey Readmore Books

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Dewey Readmore Books

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Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=884

Strip by: DanielBT

Dewey Readmore Books
000 – Information & general works
021 – Library relationships
Garfield: I'm cold, I'm hungry and I'm tired
On a freezing winter evening in Iowa, a kitten was found in the book drop of the Spencer Public Library.
100 – Philosophy and psychology
168 – Argument & persuasion
(Garfield turns to see an old wrinkled version of himself)
The kitten was so frostbitten and filthy that upon first sight, everyone thought he was gray at first.
200 – Religion
228 – Revelation
Garfield: I'm saved! It's nice to see a friendly face
After finding out the kitten was very sociable, he was Christened "Dewey" after the Decimal System.
300 – Social sciences
302 – Social interaction
{Garfield surrounded by smiling people}
Dewey's outgoing personality made him extremely popular with the staff and patrons of all ages.
400 – Language
419 – Verbal language not spoken or written
Jon: Cats are nice to have when you're feeling lonely.
Dewey enjoyed meeting people and was knowledgeable enough to seek out those needing his presence.
500 – Science
515 – Analysis
Jon: Uh, he's a registered yellow tabby with distinguished lineage.
There was some debate on whether Dewey's smooth and shiny fur coat made him part persian or just an alley cat.
600 – Technology
641 – Food & drink
Jon: Okay, Mr Finicky eater, here's your dinner
Garfield: What is it?
Dewey was very finicky with his food. He only ate Fancy Feast, and would change his preferences every week.
700 – Arts
791 - Public performances
TV: And now, the story of a warm and loving cat.
Dewey stories appeared in the local newspaper, Cat Fancy magazine and on TV.
800 – Literature
816 – Letters
Jon: Here, Dewey, you got some mail
Garfield: Me? Really?
Soon his lovable personality began to attract visitors and fan mail from all over the world.
900 – History, geography, & biography
920 – Biography
Jon: The lost-your-will-to-live stage of cancer, huh?
Garfield: Let me die in peace.
In his last year he was diagnosed with a tumor in his stomach that left him in constant pain, and was put to sleep.

The author writes:

I decided to do something a little different this time. Garfield is generally known to be unfunny, so I thought it'd be appropriate to use his image as a homage to Iowa's library cat. And what better way to do it than in the form his name was based on? In a naming contest for the orphaned cat, Garfield was the second-most popular name, but Dewey won out. In addition to his first name, the staff also chose his middle and last name, Readmore Books, so his full name sounded like "Do we read more books?" His reaction to catnip and rubber bands was legendary and the most memorable part of his ghost-written biography.

[[Original strips: 1984-12-21, 1980-11-10, 1983-11-28, 2000-07-24, 1978-10-14, 1986-02-03, 1985-08-14, 1994-05-20, 1994-06-15, 1981-10-25.]]

Original strips: 1978-10-14, 1980-11-10, 1981-07-25, 1983-11-28, 1984-12-21, 1985-08-14, 1986-02-03, 1994-05-20, 1994-06-15, 2000-07-24.