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No. 877: Garfield's Dog Day

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Garfield's Dog Day

First | Previous | 2011-10-13 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=877

Strip by: Craig Wittler

{A group of comic strip dogs are gathered on the table under a "National Dog Day" banner.
{Garfield approaches behind the group.}
{Garfield kicks them all off the table.}
{They land out-of-frame.}
{Garfield looks over edge of table.}
Garfield: Any doubt why I love these dogs?

The author writes:

In August, GoComics.com had a promotion called "National Dog Day", raising money for the American SPCA by selling merchandise with a design showing off a bunch of comic strip dogs - since their recent acquisition of the Comics.com portfolio, they have almost all of them except Grimmy and Earl from Mutts. On the design are Odie, Snoopy, Marmaduke, Satchel from Get Fuzzy, Farley from For Better of For Worse, Ziggy's dog and others you may or may not recognise.

Seeing Odie and Snoopy together reminded me that one of my first contributions to SRoMG substituted the Peanuts pooch for Garfield's usual whipping boy, so I re-revised the comic to show the entire canine crew from the National Dog Day design get kicked to the curb. I made one change in the gag, omitting the frame in which Odie/Snoopy got back up on the table, because with only the one group pose, it just would've looked weird.

[[Original strip: 2003-07-13.]]

Original strip: 2003-07-13.