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No. 870: Leaf Grid

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Leaf Grid

First | Previous | 2011-10-06 | Next | Latest

Strip by: crashsuit

{Jon, hysterical, runs through frame while Liz and Garfield stare}
Jon: ...Apply nutmeg!!! Oh yum eggplant prep!!
{Liz gardens while Garfield sits there}
{Liz looks behind her to someone off-panel}
Liz {with dumb-guy accent}: Hehehur dey went Jay sine too too?
{Someone replies from off-panel, correcting Liz}
Voice from off-panel: Jasmine tutu.

The author writes:

I've done two things here. The first was to reduce last Sunday's strip to a daily, using numbers from Random.org to decide which three panels to use and in what order. The second was to make anagrams of all the dialogue with some help from the Internet Anagram Server. Where I could, I left the punctuation unmodified. Not sure how funny it turned out to be. (I guess not very, oh well.)

Mostly I just wanted to see if I could redo a strip with anagram dialogue, though it doesn't make much sense. I'm probably more pleased with myself than I deserve over managing "jay sine too too"/"jasmine tutu"; it's supposed to look like she's being corrected from off-panel.

[[Original strip: 2011-07-24.]]

Original strip: 2011-07-24.