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No. 833: Can You Draw Me?

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Can You Draw Me?

First | Previous | 2011-08-30 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=833

Strip by: Thompkins

{Jon's photo appears on a matchbook cover.}
Matchbook: Can you draw me?
Matchbook: Garfield - Garfield
{A refrigerator door opens on its own.}
{A bureau drawer opens on its own.}
{Jon walks towards the refrigerator in his pyjamas.}
Jon: A snack should help me sleep.
{Outside view of the house. Suddenly light shoots out of the house.}

The author writes:

This was submitted to Garfield minus Garfield on 2010-01-31 with some others (some which were run, some which were not). I think that was long enough ago that I can submit it here without worrying about double posting. I would guess that it was rejected because it doesn't fit the overall theme of "Jon is a hallucinating loser." Or maybe because it's more horror than humour. However I liked how removing Garfield created a very different kind of story than usual.

Original Strip: 1994-07-10.

Original strip: 1994-07-10.