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No. 734: Funky Winkerfield

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Funky Winkerfield

First | Previous | 2011-05-23 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=734

Strip by: Colin Foster

SFX: click {Garfield clicks the TV remote}
Funky: I used to go years without stuff like this happening to me...
Funky: And now it happens to me every five minutes!
Garfield: Oops, sorry. I had the remote set on comic strip.

The author writes:

Funky Winkerbean used to be a light-hearted comic strip about high schoolers. Then, as the artist grew older, he decided to skip ahead a few years and change the setting from high school into something between purgatory and hell. Cancer hangs over everyone's heads (and has even killed off one of the characters so far), terrible things happen to the main characters, everyone's miserable, and for some reason the strip still has a silly name.

I wanted to insert Garfield into a Funky Winkerbean comic, but found the strip has overly detailed art which would be too much trouble to fix up. This was the next best thing.

Original Garfield strip: 2004-03-31. Original Funky Cancercancer strip: 2010-07-25 (can be seen here).

Original strip: 2004-03-31.