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No. 732: Garfield Fortress 2

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Garfield Fortress 2

First | Previous | 2011-05-21 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=732

Strip by: Lubaf

{The "Meet the Team" shot from Team Fortress 2, with the following modifications pasted on:
Odie's head replaces the Pyro's
Doc Boy's head replaces the Engineer's
Pookie's head replaces the Sniper's
Lyman's head replaces the Spy's
Garfield's head replaces the Heavy's
Binky the Clown's head replaces the Demoman's
Liz's head replaces the Medic's
Nermal's head replaces the Scout's
Jon's head replaces the Soldier's
The "Fortress 2" in "Team Fortress 2" has been replaced with "Garfield", thus the text reads "Team Garfield"}

The author writes:

I figured why not take the two most remixed properties I know of and mix them together?

[[Original strip: None, but the image is taken from Trailer 1 for Team Fortress 2, because later group shots put the scout's head in front of the Sniper's body, making substituting the heads that much more tricky.]]