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No. 699: Learfield

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First | Previous | 2011-04-18 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=699

Strip by: Manyhills

Jon: Garfield...
Jon: What kind of birthday cake would you like this year, Garfield?
Garfield: Glad you asked.
{Garfield retrieves a blueprint}
Jon: I've never seen a blueprint for a cake before.
Garfield: And this is the electrical schematic.
Caption: A birthday's approaching quite quickly / Demands cake that's so sweet
that it's sickly / For this task we have hired / Engineers; they're required /
For icing laid on super-thickly

The author writes:

I read Limerixkcd and recommend you do too.

[[Original strip: 2010-06-13.]]

Original strip: 2010-06-13.