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No. 577: They Just Won't Stop!

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They Just Won't Stop!

First | Previous | 2010-12-17 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=577

Strip by: Morbror Oa

Jon: {reading newspaper with Garfield nearby} The world is constant.
{Garfield is replaced by Linus van Pelt.}
{Linus van Pelt is replaced by Linus Torvalds.}
{Linus Torvalds is replaced by Tux the penguin.}
{Tux the penguin is replaced by a sinus.}
{Minus stands on a hilltop with a baseball bat, lining up a meteor}
{Jon reading newspaper with Ben Linus nearby.}
Jon: {on phone with king Midas nearby} Hi, Ellen, it's Jon! How are you?
Mouse: {running away from Garfield, carrying a block of minas cheese} Cheese!
{Jon reading newspaper with Ben Linus nearby}
Jon: Yaaaaaahhhhh.
{Jon's scream is audible to aliens standing on Mimas, the moon of Saturn.}
Worm: What do you do for a living?
Garfield: {in miner's helmet} Dig.
{Jon reading newspaper with Miley Cyrus nearby}
Caption: [image related to middle word of title]
{Jon reading newspaper with Paulinus of Nola nearby}
{Paulinus of Nola is replaced by Plinius the Elder.}
{Minus and the fyrbäbbla from Minus And The Great Wide World}
{Jon reading newspaper with Jack Maness nearby}
{Minas Morgul}
{Jon reading newspaper with a two-faced Garfield nearby}
{Garfield is replaced by a pine.}
Garfield: {reappearing} They haven't stopped.
{Garfield is replaced by a Dirk Manus.}
{Bulinus wrighti}
{Bonus Chance from Super Mario Bros. 2}
{Jon reading newspaper with Dennis "The Menace" Mitchell nearby}
{Right edge of comic fading to white}

The author writes:

#478 didn't change anything. They haven't stopped. The world is constant. That's why we now have Garfield Paulinus Garfield, Garfield Plinius Garfield, Garfield Minus Garfield, Garfield Maness Garfield, Garfield Minas Morgul Garfield, Garfield Janus Garfield, Garfield pinus Garfield, Garfield Manus Garfield, Garfield bulinus Garfield, Garfield bonus Garfield (or possible Garfield shyness Garfield) and Garfield Menace Garfield.

Original Strips: Square Root of Minus Garfield 268, 332, 335, 337, 352, 398, 384, 390, 179, 411, 441, 191, 460, 474, and 478. Garfield 2004-08-03. Dennis the Menace 2008-04-02.

Post scriptum: I don't know the English word for fyrbäbbla, so if you do, you can improve the transcript. The fyrbäbbla is a creature with four arms, four legs and four heads, who appears in Sven Nordqvist's Minus And The Great Wide World. It's the fyrbäbbla who lies behind the name KRYSTPLATT KACSNUTT. He gives Minus a pennant with these words and tells him it says "The fyrbäbbla's fan club".

Original strip: 2004-08-03.