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No. 5528: Azurafield

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First | Previous | 2024-07-07 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=5528

Strip by: shiningpikablu252

Garfield {lip-synching, while Jon faces away drinking out of coffee cup}: You are the ocean's gray waves
Garfield {lip-synching, as Jon turns toward Garfield: Destined to seek life beyond the shore just out of reach
Garfield {lip-synching}: Yet the waters ever change
Garfield {lip-synching}: Flowing like time Flowing like time
{Garfield turns toward a voice coming from off-panel}
Voice from off-panel {singing}: Flowing like time Flowing like time Flowing like time
{Garfield approaches Azura and thwacks her with an Emerald Axe}
Azura {singing}: Flowing like time
Garfield {lip-synching, having returned to his original position}: The path is yours to climb

The author writes:

Normally I'd warn Azura's fans not to look at the strip before they read this, but the way Square Root of Minus Garfield strips are presented, her fans have already been scarred for life seeing a fat, orange cat lip-synching her beautiful ballad...

Anyway, we've seen Garfield's thwacking skipping record players, skipping CD players, skipping iPods, skipping thin air... strangely, he hasn't yet thwacked any skipping radios or cassette players (unless there's some still in the buffer as I submit this)... But how about the most old-fashioned of them all — a skipping live singer! Just grab a singer character (in this case Azura originally from Fire Emblem Fates), an implement, set up the implement in Garfield's hands, and THWACK! Naturally he didn't use lethal force even with a weapon triangle advantage (Garfield's axe beats Azura's lance, but he'd lose to Ax Battler's sword), lest there not be a source of the rest of the song for him to lip-synch to after stopping the skipping...

Emerald Axe and Azura imagery courtesy of Fire Emblem Heroes.

Original strip: 1985-06-30.