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No. 5422: A Strip Down Memory Lane

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A Strip Down Memory Lane

First | Previous | 2024-03-23 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=5422

Strip by: Memes-In-Your-Dreams

{Jon stands at a podium, looking nervous}
Jon: Ahem
Jon: I am honored to address this assembly of SRoMG
Jon: I wish to submit a strip
Jon: It contains a reference none of you will get
{Viewing from a different angle, the SRoMG logo is revealed on the podium, along with Jon's lack of pants}
Jon: Also I forgot the original
{Jon wakes up, startling Garfield}
Jon: Garfield, I just had a terrible nightmare!
Garfield: Not the one about the low priority queue?!

The author writes:

This strip is dedicated to everyone (including myself) who has felt any embarrassment or anxiety over submitting a strip to this site. There is the obvious uncertainty of emailing a stranger, the stress of forgetting important details, and the chance that while browsing with the "Random" button, you'll see your previous, triumphant work, but feel only disgust at your naïveté and deem it "cringe". Rest assured that if you got a good chuckle out of the strip as you were making it, so will we.

Original strip: 1991-12-01.