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No. 5194: Garfield Numerosity 8

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Garfield Numerosity 8

First | Previous | 2023-08-08 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=5194

Strip by: Captain Lhurgoyf

{Garfield stands beside eight building blocks looking superciliously at the camera}
Caption: Eight blocks
{Eight coloured clocks are surrounding Garfield in bed. Garfield threatens them with a hammer}
Garfield: Eight clocks
{Garfield stares down eight Hondo hand puppets}
Garfield: Eight puppets
{Eight copies of Cody the dog from U.S. Acres}
Caption: Eight puppies
{A hail of eight ping pong balls rains down on Garfield's head}
Garfield: Eight ping pong balls

The author writes:

Based on a Numerosity segment from Sesame Street, it counts five different sets of features.

Hondo the Puppet makes a return, but he is now eight instead of one, and the eight puppies are actually eight Codies.

Original strips: 1978-09-19, 1996-09-15, 2006-01-09.