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No. 5187: Grafield in Haiku

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Grafield in Haiku

First | Previous | 2023-08-01 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=5187

Strip by: Jared Funtime's Evil Twin Brendon Badtime

Grafield: I'm a lazy cat
Garfield: Well, what's your name, pal?
Grafield: Grafield
Garfield: Contact the lawyer

The author writes:

I thought I'd do a special strip in tribute to the first strip of SRoMG. I love Grafield so much, and it makes me sad he has a small fanbase. However, upon the discovery of the Friendly Neighborhood Flea's haiku, I was fascinated by it, so I took Grafield's famous appearance in the original Garfield, and converted the dialogue to a haiku for all of your enjoyment! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to swindle folks into buying Animal Crossing items with real money.

Oh, and don't tell my goody-two-shoes brother I stole his email, along with the strip he was working on. Consider this a bonus strip for now. I call it "Garfield in Haiku Minus Dynamite"!

Flea: Hello, I'm a flea
Garfield: Excuse me just a moment
Garfield: Contact the lawyer

Original Square Root of Minus Garfield strips: 2008-11-15, 2018-08-20.

Original strips: 2008-04-21, 2008-11-15.