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No. 5177: Jon Snaps

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Jon Snaps

First | Previous | 2023-07-22 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=5177

Strip by: ROBLOXNoob246

{Jon is seen filling up an inflatable pool, while whistling}
Jon: Ah, this is the life...
Jon: Kicking back and relaxing in my very own po-...
Jon: Garfield?! What are you doing up on the roof?
{Garfield is seen dropping down}
{The pool is nowhere to be seen, and there's a hole in the ground}
Garfield: That was fun! Blow it up again!
Jon: Kindly remove your foot from my nostril so that I may kill you
{Odie is then seen inside, looking confused as blood splatters from the left side of the panel}

The author writes:

So THIS is what it's like when Jon gets angry. Yes, I used the Metal Slug blood sprites in the last panel.

Original strips: 1999-07-04, 2002-10-02, 2009-08-30.