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No. 5166: Tuesday Morning

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Tuesday Morning

First | Previous | 2023-07-11 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=5166

Strip by: Extreme905

Alarm Clock: Bring!
{Garfield is lying in bed, turning off his alarm clock with a smile on his face}
Garfield: Oh, goody. It's Tuesday morning
Garfield: I love Tuesday mornings. You know why?
Garfield: Because I don't have to go to work

The author writes:

A pretty simple fix to this strip's problem, just move it back a day. Although, I guess it sort of ruins the joke of "Everybody hates Monday mornings, but not Garfield!" the strip is going for, but I don't know of anybody particularly being a big fan of Tuesday mornings either... Although, I did see a store named "Tuesday Morning" on a trip to Florida once, so I guess there's got to be someone out there, but it's also filed for bankruptcy multiple times according to its Wikipedia page, so that Tuesday Morning Fanclub has probably been dwindling.

Point is, the joke still works well enough. (I hope.)

Original strip: 1979-05-28.