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No. 5122: Crispy Seafood

First | Previous | 2023-05-28 | Next | Latest

Crispy Seafood

First | Previous | 2023-05-28 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=5122

Strip by: Crazy56U

{We open this high quality textured strip on Garfield in bed, looking at a little text-bar creature, covered in asterisks to the point where it looks like a censored swear}
Creature: Hi, I'm your age nightmare for the evening...
Creature: The website password that you can't remember anymore!
{The creature begins to have a laugh fit while Garfield, unimpressed, glances to the reader}
Garfield {cutting off the creature's laughter}: Isn't it still "Swordfish"?
{The creature ponders; Garfield stares on in solace}
Creature {as Garfield smiles smugly}: Darn!

The author writes:

Boy, don't you remember Garfield having a source for clean comic strip images? Boy, I love how Viacom purchasing it has led to good things!

Original strip: 2021-06-13.