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No. 5057: Uncool Cat

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Uncool Cat

First | Previous | 2023-03-24 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=5057

Strip by: Jamz64

{Garfield is standing on a fence, smiling}
Garfield: It's great to see all you cool cats out there!
{We see Cool Cat from the beloved cinematic masterpiece Cool Cat Saves The Kids in the audience}
Garfield: Security!

The author writes:

For those who don't know, Cool Cat is the main character of Cool Cat Saves The Kids, the first (and currently only) anti-bullying kids' gun safety movie. The movie is absolutely horrible, but incredibly funny to watch as a result. When a bunch of YouTubers such as I Hate Everything and Bobsheaux made negative reviews of the movie, Derek Savage, the creator of Cool Cat, had all their videos taken down under the false pretense of copyright infringement, ignoring that the videos were clearly fair use. It didn't work, and the videos went back up, and Derek Savage's reputation was permanently ruined. I recommend watching video reviews of Cool Cat Saves The Kids, they're very fun to watch.

Original strip: 1999-03-20.