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No. 5044: I Made June 19, 2022 Strip Different

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I Made June 19, 2022 Strip Different

First | Previous | 2023-03-11 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=5044

Strip by: RaisinsLasagna

{The panel shows a birthday cake with the red text "Garfield" as candle waxes, with an excited Garfield about to blow out the candles}
{The panel shows Jon patting Garfield}
Jon: It's only noon, Garfield. Why don't you sleep in today, you deserve the rest
{Garfield sees Lyman holding Odie on the ground}
Lyman: Hey, Garfield! Let's have some fun! I'll hold Odie down and you beat him up
{Garfield sees Jon with tons of lasagna}
Jon: I baked tons of lasagna for you ol' buddy. Eat! Eat!
{A smiling Jon holds Garfield while Lyman and Odie watch happily}
Jon and Lyman: We love you, Garfield!
{Blank black panel}
{Suddenly, Garfield turns on the light and sees himself standing at a table filled with cakes and drinks, with Jon, Liz, Odie, and Garfield's teddy bear, Pookie, all wearing birthday hats, happily giving Garfield a birthday surprise}
Jon and Liz: SURPRISE!!
{Garfield goes into another room while eating a carrot, depressed}
{Garfield looks at the viewer depressed, sniffing}
{Garfield cries at the corner wall with the window}
Garfield: WAAHH!
{Garfield is thrown out of a window by Jon as one of his birthday surprises}
{Garfield lies on the grass}
{The panel goes black and white, with Garfield still lying on the grass in the rain}

The author writes:

I made June 19, 2022 different, and possibly depressing, while showing what happens if parents give their kids (and daughters) surprises, only for them to find out that their parents have a dark side for something. I wonder if that happens to Garfield too... and I also edited (and recolored) some strips to make more sense. Hope you enjoy this comic.

Original strips: 0000-00-00, 1979-04-14, 1979-06-10, 1981-03-29, 1995-10-08, 2022-06-19, 2022-06-20.