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No. 4926: Connect the Dots with Only Jon

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Connect the Dots with Only Jon

First | Previous | 2022-11-13 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=4926

Strip by: Michael Jacoby

{Jon is by himself throughout this strip, with no one else}
Jon: Never play this game.
Jon: Never play connect-the-dots.
Jon: It's more than that. It messed me up for life. Don't do it.
{Jon stares at the reader in a deadpan manner}
Jon: Yeah, but there's so much more to it. You have to think.
Jon: It's not just connecting lines.
Jon: It's about trying to find order in them.
Jon: You have to think about where the lines go.
Jon: It's thinking. It's also about probability.
Jon: The line you choose in one spot has a chance to lead somewhere else.
Jon: There's also symmetry and logic.
Jon: If you draw a line from one dot to another, there's another line that goes back to the first one.
Jon: It has to have a right and a left, or it's not even right.
Jon: It has to make sense.
Jon: There's so much more than just connecting dots.
Jon: Don't do it.

The author writes:

Exactly a week ago (), I submitted Connect the Dots Through Jon's Eyes, inspired by the old Garfield edit site Arbuckle. I consider this one to be a sequel to my previous one, as this is the second idea that came to my head after viewing SRoMG #4623, the inspiration for which should be pretty obvious.

Original Square Root of Minus Garfield: 2022-01-14.

Original strips: 1996-03-06, 1996-05-07, 1996-05-11, 1996-07-29, 1996-08-06, 1996-09-04, 1996-10-17, 1997-03-22, 1997-04-09, 1997-04-11, 1997-04-16.