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No. 4916: Garfield Plus Oh No They're Onto Us

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Garfield Plus Oh No They're Onto Us

First | Previous | 2022-11-03 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=4916

Strip by: Linguanaut

Strip 1:
{Jon and Garfield are seated, looking at something out-of frame}
Jon: That's a nice fire
Garfield: Yup
{Jon now has the top of a nearby lamp sitting on his head. Garfield is smiling at the reader. No explanation is given}

Strip 2:
{Liz, Jon and Garfield [from left to right] are standing in the yellow wallpaper room, engaged in conversation}
Jon: Liz, if you were a superhero...
Jon: What superpower would you want?
Liz: The power to travel through time and talk about radishes
{Jon's pupils light up orange and his eyes display a 386-era hourglass cursor, indicating he is processing this information with all the computational might of a laptop from the early '90s}
Garfield: AAACK!
{Garfield has gone cross-eyed and opened his mouth in an attempt to appear as if he were in a lazy edit of a completely different classic newspaper comic}

The author writes:

I went looking for an actual original joke to make about an original Garfield strip, rather than just extending someone else's from SRoMG (it's a challenge I set myself, and I did it, and it wasn't good, but that's immaterial, because neither of these are that — ) and saw these two strips published within two weeks of one another. I know contemporary Garfield has a... constrained design language in some of its weekly strips, but each of these reminded me of a fairly heavily-used strip remix format on SRoMG. Specifically, 'linguistics with Liz', and 'Garfield burns [someone or something] in the fireplace'.

Does someone at PAWS know this den of madness? Probably not, but it's fun to imagine they do. More likely, I'm just suffering from brain rot, induced by an excess of fireplace radishes.

Since these are technically both just continuations of already oversaturated strip formats, just with... different source strips (and that's not really a very interesting thing on its own) I'm not expecting this to go up any time close to when it's still relevant - but for posterity's sake, this was made and submitted in February 2022.

Original strips: 2022-01-08, 2022-01-21.